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The Laundry Chute™ has partnered with ARM & HAMMER™ and OxiClean™ to expand and bolster its collegiate services.

Who we are

TLC is an app-based company that utilizes patented “automated smart lockers” to enable full-service laundry processing with autonomous customer and partner drop-off and pick-up. This is driven by students working for students, on terms determined by supply and demand. TLC has developed proprietary, industry transforming technology, and profits by leveraging a vast, existing infrastructure of underutilized laundry machine equipment located within college and university campuses across the country. This approach to full-service laundry (i.e. wash, dry and fold), works alongside traditional "coin-op" self-service laundry offerings. This empowers the TLC model to service both on and off-campus students, while maintaining a healthy balance of student labor supply and student customer demand. 

The TLC Story

While attending college, James Janis, the company's co-founder, recognized the need for Full-Service laundry in the college/university market. It began by Mr. Janis' personal observation that there was no affordable and quick turnaround solution for college laundry needs. At the same time, Mr. Janis met current TLC board member and co-founder, Rob Young, who had extensive laundry industry experience, and operated a nearby commercial laundry facility. Shortly thereafter, TLC was formed. 

The initial business model, which consisted of providing a full service laundry offering with a truck and off campus processing facility, while effective, was not sufficiently profitable, and not scalable, and therefore, new solutions needed to be developed.  Mr. Janis sought the expertise of a seasoned technologist, David Conklin, who joined the company as its second employee, and focused on including the critical importance of smart lockers as the pivot point in the provision of laundry services on campuses. Today, Mr. Conklin serves as TLC’s CTO. Together, James and Dave formed an energetic, balanced team that pursued their vision and launched the first full-scale university Full-Service Laundry offering in the United States. 

To help with the scalability of TLC’s mobile platform, the company brought on seasoned software developer, Steve Baleno, as TLC’s Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President, essentially insourcing TLC’s IT and mobile application requirements. Together, TLC is ready to launch at colleges nationwide, for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.  Today, TLC has assembled an extremely effective and profitable college laundry solution, supported and reinforced by top-tier industry partners, and is executing on a business plan centered around major college campuses nationwide.

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