ARM & HAMMER™ and OxiClean™ Partner with The Laundry Chute™


The Laundry Chute, LLC Expands Collegiate
Partnership in 2019-2020 Academic Year

The peer-to-peer laundry service will launch at
local Pittsburgh colleges and beyond

PITTSBURGH, PA, Sept. 4, 2019 — The Laundry Chute, LLC is proud to expand its collegiate services in Pittsburgh and beyond in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year, providing peer-to-peer, on-demand laundry ecosystems to increase campus machine uses. To bolster its services, The Laundry Chute is partnering with Church & Dwight Co., Inc., the owner of ARM & HAMMER™ and OxiClean™ laundry products, as well as with CSC ServiceWorks, Inc. the nation’s leading provider of laundry solutions on university and college campuses.

The Laundry Chute’s collegiate service launched at the University of Pittsburgh in 2015, where students can download The Laundry Chute’s mobile app and sign up as processors or customers. Student customers drop off their laundry bags at on-campus proprietary smart lockers, where a student processor then launders and folds its contents using the on-campus laundry facility within 4-8 hours. Customers pay between $6-$10 per bag, and processors earn between $14-$16 per hour. 

The Laundry Chute benefits the existing, on-campus laundry machine providers by increasing overall machine usage, and by helping laundry machine providers capture the off-campus student market, which typically uses more expensive, less convenient off-campus laundry facilities. “We could not be happier with the increase in volume we have realized since The Laundry Chute’s launch at the University of Pittsburgh,” said David Drake, Executive Vice President of CSC ServiceWorks, Inc., the on-campus laundry services provider at the University of Pittsburgh, and over 1,200 other schools. “We look forward to working with The Laundry Chute to bring its service to universities across the country.” 

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of The Laundry Chute, James Janis, said “Once we were able to prove-out the viability of our peer-to-peer college offering, we were looking for a large, laundry-related business to collaborate with. After having led early-stage discussions with several companies, it became clear that Church & Dwight was very well suited to work with us, nationwide, given its extensive expertise and industry-leading stature and brands, and laundry know-how.” 

The service will exclusively use ARM & HAMMER™ and OxiClean™, industry-leading baking soda and specialized laundry-product brands, known for their reliability and efficacy in helping households find environmentally-friendly and economical solutions to a variety of laundry and cleaning needs.

“We have been working with The Laundry Chute for some time now, and have been impressed by the process it has managed to put in place at the University of Pittsburgh, and on the thoughtfulness of the business model” said Melissa Martin, Vice President Marketing at Church & Dwight Co., Inc. “The Laundry Chute has managed to create a unique and cutting-edge full-service laundry offering for universities, that has the potential to be revolutionary, and highly-effective in capturing the attention of college students across the nation. We are very happy to do our part to help this growing modality of laundry service.”

The Laundry Chute allows for the creation of a self-contained laundry-service ecosystem on campuses where it is deployed. Jim Earle, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Auxiliary Services at the University of Pittsburgh, who helped bring the Laundry Chute to the University in 2015, remarked, “We enjoy the benefits to students that are made possible through The Laundry Chute, which enables us to provide our students with both a revolutionary and convenient service, and attainable and competitive on-campus jobs that they can do from the comfort of their own residence halls.” 

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